Mobile App TARGControl Timepad

Android mobile application can be installed on tablets and phones.
It works together with the TARGControl server and provides time tracking functions.

The main method of identification is
PIN. Each employee has unique one.

Requires Android 4.4 or above


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How does TARGControl Timepad work

TARGControl Timepad Software features:

Иконка отчета

Different types of reporting

Different types of reports, a report of violations, reasons for absence, a report of unified working time;

Иконка времени

Employees time tracking

Actual working time calculation, calculate overtimes and register working time violations, both individually and for a whole department;

Иконка работы

Time typification

You can differentiate working time periods: lunch, breakes, start and finish work;

Иконка денег


Payroll is based on actual working hours and work schedules;

Иконка письма

Notifications by email or messengers, SMS-notifications;

An automatic notification and sending reports with the ability to select events you would like to be notified about;

Иконка группировки

Employees differentiation by department

Combining employees by departments allows you to delegate the authority to managers of each group;

Иконка камеры

Photo fixation

Employee images fixation with the camera during enter / exit;

Иконка сотрудника

Account access differentiation

You can limit or grant any feature to a specific user.