Time tracking system

Time tracking system — is the thoughtful decision to improve business processes.It allows you to see an objective picture of the company's administrative activities, saving employees' time, because the access is automated, and the system is easy to use.

About the system

It is the cloud-based solution where all employees are displayed in one system. Therefor, you don't need to install the software on all computers because the access is given via web browser. You need just the internet. Also you can create the different schedules for every staff member, receive coming and going reports for any period of time.

When an employee moving between the controlled offices, he or she had to check in. The transfer history is shown in the system because the it knows which office they visit and you see how much time it takes to get from one point to another.

TargControl Time Tracking suits any business, because it has a lot of possibilities for the flexible settings.


Various identification methods:

You can set up one or more identification types for each staff member or department.

Biometrics (fingerprints)

The system does not use a graphic fingerprint image but its mathematical model formed by the algorithm based on distinctive points of the papillary picture.

RFID (cards or tags)

Personal proximity cards or tags such as Em-marine (125 kHz) and all types of Mifare cards (13.56 MHz)


Supports QR and barcode. The feature is optional.


To ensure the additional security, apart from the main identification method, TargControl can provide the input of password or PIN.

Informative and adjustable employee forms allow:

Пункт спискаblock user in case of dismissal
Пункт спискаhourly rate setting for the scheduling
Пункт спискаaccess rules to the personal account
Пункт спискаaccess rules to a particular territory

Software features:

Automated time tracking form

Employee data is collected automatically , it saves time and improve human reliability in the timesheet management;

Automatic data synchronization

Access data and rules, users adding and deleting are transferred to all devices automatically online

Employees time tracking

Calculate attendance, overtimes, also shows when employee leaves office earlier. Data is collected both individually and for a whole department;

Working time differentiation

Employees check the lunch time and smoke breaks

Manage your employees outside of the office

They identify a reason (direction) leaving an office, as well as connect GPRS to track it on the map;

Controllers condition monitoring

If any controller stops transmitting, you'll get notified by sms, mail, slack, and so on;;

Different types of reporting

Different types of reports, a report of violations, reasons for absence, a report of unified working time;

Photo fixation

Employee images fixation with the camera during enter / exit;

Can work with other popular equipment for Access Control

It's possible to link Anviz, ZKTeco, Suprema access control equipment with TargControl Cloud for good money by individual request. Functions well with TARGControl equipment and linked for free;


An automatic notification and sending reports with the ability to select events you would like to be notified about;


Payroll is based on actual working hours and schedules

Access rules differentiation

You can limit or grant any feature or access permit to specific territory to any user.;

Easy access

You can use TargControl from any web browser and mobile device (tablet or smartphone). It works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.;

Make a working schedule

You can make any work schedule for an individual employee or department. The work schedule can be set any way you need - from 9:00-17:00, from Monday to Friday, night shifts, etc. ;

User-friendly interface

Create multi-level enterprise structure (you can make any number of groups and sub+groups) for easy use and generate reports even for remote offices.

Access methods combinations

1. Standard access rules (RFID cards, PIN or fingerprint). 2. Complex (RFID cards + fingerprint, PIN + fingerprint, card + PIN). 3. Combined (card + fingerprint, card + card for two different employees). 4. Alcohol testing;

Bureaucracy automatization

Set access rules connected to specific features for some employees. For example, if it is necessary to approve an employee’s work schedule, The manager should only press the Approve button in his account.

Group employees by departments

Group your staff by departments and delegate the authority to managers so they could manage their employees.

What you need to build the Time Tracking System:

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