Access Control and Time & Attendance software

  • Easy access from any modern device Online
  • Accurate biometrics, RFID and PIN Access Control
  • Any Time & Attendance data and business analytics
  • Payroll Systems Integration

Access Control

TARGControl Access Control System

Пункт спискаBiometrics
Пункт спискаAlcohol Testing
Пункт спискаImage Logs, Face Detection
Пункт спискаСomposite Access Rules
Пункт спискаAntipassback

Time & Attendance

TARGControl Time & Attendance Tracking System

Пункт спискаEnter/Exit Reasons
Пункт спискаPayroll System Integration
Пункт спискаIntegrating Distributed Offices into the one System
Пункт спискаEmployees Time Tracking in Different Locations
Пункт спискаDifferent Access Schedule Setups
Пункт спискаSupports ANVIZ, Suprema, ZKTeco etc.


GPS Control

Employee and Transport GPS Tracking

Пункт спискаEmployee or Vehicle Current Coordinates Monitoring
Пункт спискаMap Tracker
Пункт спискаIntegrating Distributed Offices into the one System
Пункт спискаRemote Tasking and Performance Control with Location Verification


Guard tour patrol system

System for logging the rounds of employees at the enterprise

Пункт спискаRFID tags at the access points, the smartphone as a reader;
Пункт спискаProtect from damages and record incidents of manufacture process;
Пункт спискаEasy access from any device online;
Пункт спискаEmployee image or video logs;
Пункт спискаComments, problems image or video logs logs;
Пункт спискаE-mail and messengers notifications.


Condition Monitoring System

Monitoring and analytics machines operation

Пункт спискаEquipment workload analysis;
Пункт спискаEquipment downtime check classification;
Пункт спискаNotifications setting;
Пункт спискаReports and analytics;
Пункт спискаEmployees monitoring;


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